The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

Shared With Deleted Google Plus Members!

I was one of their early experiments. I actually had no G+ account but I was a MAJOR fake blogger on blogspot! My blog, “The Secret Diary of Steve Ballmer” was getting sometimes thousands of hits a day. The blog was the closest competitor to Fake Steve Ballmer (which is still there for forwarding).
My MAJOR blog had been hosted by blogspot for more than 5 years, had over 900 post, 200 exclusive photos, stories, movies, series, commentary, …..
Google deleted the entire thing without any notice whatsoever! NONE!
They even deleted my gmail account!
I had thousands of regulars and tens of thousands of visitors, all gone!
the blog was critically acclaimed and has been reviewed by several newspapers, websites and even Guy Kawasaki and Dan Lyons himself!
the site was at:

I know that it violated some of their policies, but that was the very nature of the site and they bathed in it’s glory for over five years!


I have begun to migrate to wordpress and shall NEVER return to Google controlled servers! They cannot be trusted!

New site:

What I lost with these animals cannot be retrieved, they do not respond to any of my queries!


Stephanos Anton Ballmerfeld
aka Fake Steve Ballmer


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