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The Day That The Music All Died!

ZDnet and ArsTechnica almost got this right, they wrote:
MSN Entertainment and Video Services general manager Rob Bennett sent out an e-mail this afternoon to customers, advising them to make any and all authorizations or deauthorizations before August 31. “As of August 31, 2008, we will no longer be able to support the retrieval of license keys for the songs you purchased from MSN Music or the authorization of additional computers,” reads the e-mail seen by Ars.
“You will need to obtain a license key for each of your songs downloaded from MSN Music on any new computer, and you must do so before August 31, 2008.
If you attempt to transfer your songs to additional computers after August 31, 2008, those songs will not successfully play.”
While it is true that we are planning to let MSN Music Customers “go it alone”, it is not true as they imply that we don’t care! I am personally sending a letter (on paper) to each and every one of them expressing my concern. This dispite the fact that the service never really took off and there aren’t that many of them anyways, I still care. The letter will include ten “credits” for songs at the Zune Media Store.

I am not evil.


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