The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

Charlie Rose Should Just Shutup!

Back when I was thinking of buying Yahoo  this selfimportant toothpaste salesman journalist showhost eyebrow raiser interviewed me and some guy from Crisco Systems together, boy, was he annoying!
I’m pretty good at being evasive but this guy kept on point no matter what I said, ARGH!

Hejust kept on asking:
“Soooo are you guys ganna’ buy Yahoo?”
“Are you guys in talks with Yahoo?”
“Well-ah what about Yahoo?”
After Ali-class ducking and weaving, rope-a-doping, thrill’n ‘n Manill’n …. I finally lost it and just yelled:
“If I were, I wouldn’t say anything, and if I weren’t, I wouldn’t say anything!”
To which he replied:
“Soooo, waddayah trying to say?”
At that point I just stopped speaking at all and just gave him the ‘ol Ballmer-blank-stare …..
“Mistar Ballmer, Mistar Ballmer, **snap**snap are you there? Hellooooo, Helloooo ….”
After a minute or two he gave up, ignored me and just started to ask the Crisco guy:
“Soooo sir are you guys ganna buy Yahoo?”
I have to give it to the Crisco guy, he was pretty slippery …. all in all not that bad an interview.


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