The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

Dick At Californians For Fake Steve Ballmer

Well! The speakers at CFFSB (Californians For Fake Steve Ballmer) have been Gov. Schwartzeneggar, Bill Clinton, myself, Ernest borgnine, PeeWee Herman, … now Dick Cheney!
Dick talked about how concerned he was about the four times that flickr has deleted the FSB stream and how “We must all remain vigilant in the face of such attacks on free speech, satire, hubiris, art and genius!”
He waxed eloquent as he sneered and proclaimed:
“These are the times that try men’s memories. You may remember, I started ‘How Soon We Forget’ on Flickr. It wasn’t deleted though, I just forgot my login. But today I announce that I have returned as FakeDick! HSWF shall be re-energised with the assistance of you good people! The constitution stands sure! WE! We! I say WE! shall
Free Fake Steve Ballmer! – Unjustly! Deleted by Flickr!”
I leapt out of my chair (turning over the head table) and yelled, “You preach it!”
The hundred or so in attendance started dancing (with no music!)
Dick fell out.
The 1ZuneNation delegation started singing “Kum-Bayh-Yah—- Kum-Bayh-Yah—-”
GAWD! We had a good time!


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