The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

The Grand Poobahs of Technology!

 From my interview with some guy called spencer a few years ago, still pertenant today:
STEVE BALLMER: … When we’re talking to the grand poobahs of technology that’s one story. But the devices, the kinds of
phones you see here they really have to appeal to literally billions of people.
SPENCER MICHELS: The big news in the last few years was the introduction
of Apple’s iPhone. What has that done for you and what is the state of the competition?
STEVE BALLMER: for a company like ours to build software, not just for one phone, but there’s literally 140 different phone models in the market running Windows Mobile, that stimulated interest whether it comes from us or from the competition – it’s really helping us drive sales …. I would say Apple tends to think about things much more sort of cordoned off and cocooned, that’s what they did with the PC, … they won’t be a very high percentage of the phone market.
SPENCER MICHELS: What do you hear that Google is doing in this field?
STEVE BALLMER: Everything and so I don’t — I know nothing.
STEVE BALLMER: No, there are a lot of rumors and we all just have to wait and see what really happens.
SPENCER MICHELS: Does that concern you, Google getting into this?
STEVE BALLMER: There’s already a lot of competition in this field. Our job’s got to be to drive important innovation and to work very
well with partners. And if we do that you know the sky’s the limit for opportunity for us.
SPENCER MICHELS: Intel has this saying, “Only the paranoids survive.” Do you subscribe to that too?
STEVE BALLMER: I think that’s a reasonable description of the way things work in business.
SPENCER MICHELS: Thanks very much.


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