The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

MonkeyBoy Conspiracy Part I

This is one of those stupid internet pranks that I have been fighting for years now. For a while there I said “Oh forget it!”
I thought that the idiots would just give it up and people would eventually realize that this whole thing was a not so elaborate
hoax. Anybody with a few hundred dollars could have produced this phoney video, I can prove it!
The guys at our media labs have gone over this video and issued a report, the results are eye opening!
1>> Grainiess: The film was run thru a grain filter then blurred by 33%! Why so that the person in it only vaugely resembles me!
2>> Stage: The two Monkeyboy videos were apparently filmed on a small stage in a tripple car garage.
3>> Shadows: Shadow analysis shows that lighting was only about 20′ away, not stadium distance.
4>> … there is more a lot more!
These fake videos have been a source of consternation for myself and family for some years now, any person truly interested in spreading the
truth can identify with my pain.


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