The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

So, I’m Goin’ ta Hell!

I was coming out of Cha-Bellas Restaurant and was greeted by a small group of protesters.
Nothing unusual for me I am used to protesters almost everywhere I go, but these people were a little strange even by my standards! So much so that I stopped, read their signs, looked confused and decided to talk to them. It went something like this:

Ballmer: Hey, what is this all about?
Curly Haired Freak: We followed you and these heathens here! God hates you Jews and your Zunes!
Muskie Woman: You must repent! God does not want to hate you but he does ya knooooo!
Cute Kid: Amen to dat!

Ballmer: I don’t know where you guys get your info, but me and the Big Guy are on speaking terms and I can assure you he loves Zunes!

Curly Haired Freak: Microsoft, America, comeputter’n for the Devil, being a Jew are all evil! God hates you!
Muskie Woman:  You must repent! Stop all that evil fake blogg’n!
Cute Kid: Amen!

Ballmer: Hey! You must be some of those wack-jobs who go around protesting at soldiers funerals! That just isn’t cool people!
Curly Haired Freak: Neither is HELL and that is where you and all o-yo peoples be going!
Muskie Woman: It’s off to hell you go! Staight there! No detours! Straight there!
Cute Kid: Amen!

At that moment I realised I could not reason with these people but I had to do something so I said,

Ballmer: You know what, I appreciate your spreading the truth here, I want to help!
Curly Haired Freak: We take donations from even those God hates … indeed haleujah yeah Lord!
Muskie Woman: Another one saved!
Cute Kid: Amen!

Ballmer: Here …. put your church’s address on the back of my card here!
Curly Haired Freak: Just what are you sending us brother?

Ballmer: One hundred Celeron computers running Windows Vista Home edition!

Muskie Woman: We will be comeputter’n for the Lord!
Cute Kid: Amen!

Ballmer: Amen indeed!


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