The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

Speaking Candidly to Hellary!

I found myself on one of those talking head shows, sandwiched between Hellary and Edwards (I was in HELL!)
John asked me, what do you have against Hellary?
My reply:

“My disdain for you Hellary has nothing to do with you supposedly being a woman!
I love women and would vote for one for president readily. But, I would never vote for anybody just because of gender:
think back to you and Bill’s administration, all of the spies, lies, corruption, deaths, smears, immorality, backstabbing, laws broken, drugs, bribes, Chinese spies, payoffs, Character assasinations, assasinations, investigations, using dead people, theft, obfescations, stealing china, destruction of public property, threats to bimbos, assaults, rape accusations, sex not sex, asprin factory murders, tyrant coddling, Whitewatering, Rose law firming, missing files, DNA disapearance, Foster bodies, Lies in diaries, lawyers commiting suicide, hidden agendas, payoffs, Luewinskiing, coverups, mismanagements, bodies in the parks, bodies in the cell, bodies in the water, bodies on train tracks, nuclear secrets being sold, FBI files stolen, hiring bouncers to rough up people, blackmailings, travel office scandals, stealing Whitehouse furniture, double talk, cult genocides, document shreading, planes crashing, Ron Brown coverups, document suppressions, (I went on for about five more minutes)…..
all with YOU, Hellary right smack dab in the middle either orchestrating, enabling or covering up!”

Needless to say this was edited out.


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