The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

Cheney Spills The Beans on the Zunarians!

My friend FakeDickCheney is poking fun at “Conspiracy-Wackos” again, this time he
peaked my interest by including my old boss and buddy Bill Gates! I L’dMAO.

He writes:
“Since I’m in the “Conspiracy-Mode” I may as well go all the way!
Careful: Knowing and spreading this one often ends in electro-shock therapy!
Bill Gates had considerable influence during our cross-technology negotiations with the
Zunarians. As a matter of fact they would often take him to their home-world for visits.
He was the one who came up with the deal where we would destroy the World Trade
Center and let the Zunarians teleport all of the humans still inside 9 miliseconds before the colapse!
The Zunarians say they have a need for humans and that the few homeless we give
them each year was insufficient for the upcoming Zunarian Holiday Season. Whatever
this holiday is, it only comes once every 63 years so we won’t have to do anything like this again for quite a while.
In exchange for this “accomodation” the Zunarians gave Gates source code for several
of Microsoft’s amazing innovations (Vista, The Zune, …) of the past ten years and the
government certain military insights. We considered the deal to be equitable.
Gates though lost his zeal for negotiation with our other-worldly friends and has not met
with them since. When we told them that Steve Ballmer would replace him they left and have not been back since.
You would think that interstellar travellers who emit pink sulfur-gas would not be soooo picky!
It is truly amazing How Soon We Forget! ”
I think if this one were true Bill would have told me!


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