The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!


The zLife Suite of zApps and Windows SUTU (Super Ultimate Turbo Ultra) are nearing completion. We will soon start a very short Beta test of the entire package, so the NTN’s (nasal-toned-nerds) we keep in the basement called me up and asked,
“Hello, m-m-Mr. Ballmer, we just wanted to know what your criteria is for the beta testers, sir, Mr. Ballmer sir”,
I just pinched my nose and blew them off,
“I’ll get back to you freaks lay-tah!”
they said excitedly,
“yu-yu-you ah gonna’ call us’n! y-y-YES Sir! Mr. Ballmer sir! We a be waiting sir, Mr. Ballmer sir!”

The Beta is SUTU and the zLife Suite of zApps:
StudioBand – Record up to 4 tracks of music.
zPicture – Your JPG photo manager
zWeb – Create Beautiful text webpages
zMelodies – A new skin for Mediaplayer making it a zApp
zFilm – Video editing for any WMV file

As a special treat to you my loyal docile readers, I’m limiting this Beta Test to you guys exclusively!
I figure, who else would be so cutting edge as the people who read this blog!

All you have to do is leave your e-mail address in the comments to this post and I will have the NTN’s contact you personally with the details!

I have also decided to let Zunesecne members in on this Alpha!


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