The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

In Your Dreams!

It’s been a rough week! I was at my desk about noon, I turned down numerous lunch invitations so I could take a little siesta.

I reclined back in my chair, closed my eyes and immediately went to sleep (very unusual for me).
The next thing I knew it was pitch black and there was a strange light in front of me.
I called into the light, “who is there?”
Then he stepped forward out of the light, it was ‘The Smoking Man’! I asked:
BALLMER: “What are you doing here? Is this Department 666a again or is it a dream?”
SMOKING MAN: “It’s both Mr. Ballmer! We wanted to impress you with DreamInvader 1.01b”
BALLMER: “Done! This is cool, but what do you plan to do with it?”
SMOKING MAN: “Well we have plans for Jerry Yang in the next few weeks! Let’s just say he will never be able to look you in the eye again!”
I started to laugh….
SMOKING MAN: “Sir! don’t laugh! It shorts out the ….”
I Suddenly woke up!
I was sweating and had a headache, strange thing was, I smelledcheap Turkish Cigarettes the rest of the day.


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