The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

The Blogging CEO! – NBC Reports!

I was watching the evening news, well not watching, I just had it on for background noise. When I heard the newsbabe say,
“CEO’s Blogging, – Experts Say it’s good for business!”
They went on to talk about CEO’s blogging and it’s effect of making the company seem more accessible to the masses.
I respectfully must disagree with that assertion.
When I bounced the idea of writing an “official” Blog, HR, Bill, the board of directors. legal, …. all wanted, insisted on editing, proofing, sterilizing it!
After just one post I could barely recognize my own writing!
The Answer:
Well you are reading it: A Fake Blog!
I can write whatever I really think here and nobody at MS even believes it is me pretending to be me pretending to not be me pretending to be me not being me!


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