The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

Apple’s Software Sales are Actually Down by 32%!

You people have been reading that Apple and other U-nix OS companies have been gaining marketshare, I say, LIES! LIES! and more LIES! Let me explain:
If you look at the market for all software and hardware as a whole over the past 6 months, you will see that the Vista7’s transient productive derivitive variants delitive cost of all imbeded systems sold by registered wholesale outlets with cost driven by econnomic pressures in the wider static December 2012
market has grown in Microsoft’s favor by not less or more than the average accumulated cost when divided by the numbers of units shipped as opposed to the quanity of backordered residual orders!
You can see that we are clearly gaining not losing marketshare! All thanks to APPLE!
Those stupid “Hi I’m a PeeCee, I’m a mac” commercials are back firing! The average person identifies with the PeeCee guy! They are actually increasing our sales! hahahahaha … thanks for all of the free advertising Steve, we appreciate it.
However, since I’m a fair guy, I’ll give Apple some free advice;
It will help your bottom line and save you the cost of all that Chiattday agency. You need to do this sooner than later if you are truly interested in what’s best for your company.
I personally could care less.


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