The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

The Windows Vista CapAble Lawsuit! Whinners!

A few of you may have read the stories about several groups of whinny mormons attempting to initiate a class action lawsuit against us for deceptive advertising by allowing PC vendors to slap “Vista CapAble” stickers on crappy low-end PC’s.
Let’s just get the truth out here!
Vista was originally supposed to be released prior to the Christmas shopping season ’06, but for reasons of our own we had to put off the release until ’07 (for Vista this was the 17th and last time we changed the release date).
The PC vendors went wild, Mikey Dell fell to his knees before me and pleaded for help, “Half of our sales are during this quarter, people won’t buy! They’ll wait! Oh my God! Oh my God!”
I calmly got him up and said, “Really Mike! I’m not your God! But I do know what you mean, we have a plan! Buck up dude.”
Still sniffling he whimpered, “Thank you God! What’s you plan Bill?”
I Replied, “Stop calling me that!” I sat him down in MY chair and explained, “You guys can just slap a sticker on the low-end
crap! Have it say ‘Windows Vista CapAble’, the half decent ones slap ‘Premium Ready” on ’em!”
Sounding worried he stuttered, “those boat anchors won’t run Vista”.
I looked him straight in the eye, “I have the Nasal toned Nerds (NtN’s) down in the basement stripping Vista down to Windows 95! We are
gonna’ call it Vista Home edition, we’ll let them upgrade to that!”, we both had a good little chuckle. I went over to him, grabbed a pen and paper and wrote – “CapAble”
I winked at him and said “get it?” He stared at it for a few seconds then smiled and slooowly said, “yeah, Cap Able! … able but with a
cap!” He stood and high fived me, he screamed, “God! You are slick!”
… maybe I am, maybe I am!


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