The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

How could 90% of the population be wrong?

I was in my Architect’s office the other day when I overheard a conversation between an engineer and the office copy-boy:

CB – “Chuck, did you see the video of the new software from Apple, it really rocks!”

Chuck – “Nah, I’m not interested in any of that crap”

CB – “but, but, but it made this stuff we use here look primitive …”

Chuck – “Look CB, you have to face reality, it’s a Microsoft world out there! How can sooo many people be wrong? The majority uses Windows because it is the best, anything else can only cause problems”

CB – “So you believe that the majority is always right?”

Chuck – “Ofcourse they are, it’s obvious”

Don’t be a weirdo like the copy-boy! All of your friends use Windows, you should too. Haven’t you noticed that the Mac-guys are always the drooling goofballs with high-water pants, plaid shirts and zits.

For you and your children’s sake don’t let this continue.


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