The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!


Only a woman (Betsey Shifftyman) could have written this article!
If you are willing to totally waste 4 minutes of your life by reading this convoluted rant that is! She contradicts from one sentence to the next:
“The investment community likes Steve Ballmer. He’s competent,
aggressive and occasionally crazy. ”
… I’m Good, but I’m crazy?
“Microsoft hasn’t always kept up, it has remained ridiculously profitable.”
…. How can a company do this?
“There is nothing in Microsoft’s financial results that suggests turmoil — third-quarter earnings topped Wall Street estimates, and
the outlook was decent — but we’d still venture to guess that Steve Ballmer’s days as CEO are numbered”
…. NO evidence of anything wrong, but I’m gonna be canned anyway?
“From a financial standpoint, Vista has generated billions of dollars in free cash flow, but the product was very late, sales have been disappointing and it’s unpopular.”
…. Billions in sales, yet unpopular?
“financially you get diminishing returns on improving Vista since it already sells so well”
…. Selling well is bad?
“There are two major reasons for keeping Ballmer around: 1) There isn’t an obvious replacement, and 2) It’s not clear that anyone could get Microsoft out of its current strategic mess.”
…. Nobody on earth can do what I do, but I should be replaced?
Anybody get the feeling that this “Jurinalist” is having an arguement with herself? One that she is losing?
If she were not attacking me I would feel pity for her!
Instead I feel contempt for “Mired”, for being desperate enough to publish such lunatic ravings!
… and they called ME crazy ….


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