The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

God Spoke to me Last Night!

It’s hard to explain, many of you will not believe, but I’ve got to tell
it anyway.
Last night just after Wellington tucked the kids in and retired for the evening, I decided to go to the south spa alone. As I passed through the Teal-room I began to feel woozy, with nothing to catch ahold of I fell “splat” onto the room’s surface-computer, my body face down atop it. I don’t know how long I was there, but when I opened my eyes there he was! I was frozen, couldn’t speak, it was sooo beautiful words fail. Then words fail. Then the scene changed and I saw a lush green meadow with rolling hills and a gorgeous blue wisp cloudy sky, I could have stayed there forever!
Next everything went blank, then it appeared, I was stunned, I had no idea, … there was a Microsoft Vista7 logo floating in front of me,
it glowed and moved ever so slowly, I was captivated, enthralled, what doe’s this mean?
What is HE trying to tell me? Unable to speak or move I thought, “speak master, I will obey”. At that moment everything went a brilliant blinding blue! In that sea of blue I saw these words, “ERROR, ERROR, ERROR, ERROR, …..” It was everywhere! I cried, “error is everywhere, there must be an answer, show me the way … your way!” Then the answer came “CONTROL – DELETE ERROR” Then the floating Vista Logo reappeared, the meadow came back!
BOOM! I saw sparks, lightning, smoke, sooo glorious, such power!
At that point I blacked out again, the next thing I knew I was in my bed, Wellington holding my hand, my kids aside me, several security
personnel running about, the grounds medic removing bandages from my face.
“Don’t scare us like that again daddy” Charity said.
I responded, “everything is fine baby, Daddy has never felt better, I know my purpose in life now!”


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