The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

New, Better, Great, Enterprise Licensing!

Just a sampling from my recent

ComputerWorld Interview:

…”No. No. I don’t agree with that. I don’t actually believe customers like choices. What customers like is a good, low price. That’s what customers really like.

Choices? Some people like choices. Some people say, “With all these choices, I never know whether I did the right thing.

Did I buy what I needed to buy?”

…”I’ve got plenty of customers who tell me, “This is going to cost me more money.” And then, when I actually look at their purchase history, I can prove to ’em it’s going to cost ’em less. And I have customers who say that “It’s going to cost me more money,” and I look at their purchase history, and you know what? It is going to cost them somewhat more. But at least it’s a rational and predictable framework. ”

…”If people want us to take more of it on the front end and take less on the back end, OK. We’ll do it.”

…”The prices are appropriate, is what I would say. … I can make the percentage go down. We’d just increase the prices of all the products.”


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