The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

How to really make an iMac PERFECT!

I admit it, the iMac is one impressive piece of hardware!

Why the heck HP, Dell, Compac, Leveno, Matel, Sony…. can’t make a computer this sleek, beautiful and powerful is

beyond me.

HOWEVER, as nice as this computer seems to be it has one huuugggeee flaw, THE SOFTWARE! These things come with some lame Windows7 rip-off OS installed! This is simply unacceptable.


Wipe the harddrive and install Windows8 Ultimate, this thing should really purr with a bonafied MS OS installed! Imagine how well this thing would run Publisher, Paint, Access, the clock, Fax Viewer or Command Prompt! I felt so strongly about this that I called Jobs (the real one) himself and told him that Apple should abandon all of this “X” and “i” stuff and just make hardware like the other regular computer companies, let Microsoft worry about software, the developement savings would be tremendous!

My answer was about 30 seconds of silence (bad iPhone connection), then he said, “uh, well, ummm thanks for the suggestion Mr Ballmer, I’ll take it under advisement and give it all due consideration”.

You know, Jobs may not be as dumb as I thought


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