The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

Shaolin Temple! WOW!

With my conference trip almost over, I asked Kintukamuintchu (my liaison) to take me some place interesting and she brought me here to the Shaolin Temple just south of Bejing. I thought this place was just something off the old Kung Fu tv series, but it’s real! .. and I’m here!

Kin asked me what I knew about Kung Fu, I responded, “Everything! Qui Chang Kane had to flee to America after one of the royals blamed him and Master Poe for the death of ….”

She said, “Not the show sir! I mean Kung Fu?”

I said, “I have been taking lessons from Master Bobby for years! I’m pretty good too!”

She asked to see my favorite “attack stance.” She took this picture:

I think she was impressed!

She told me that Chinese laugh when they are impressed, remember that people!


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