The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

R.I.P. Netscape Browser!

Anybody remember way back in ’93 or so when Netscape had the majority share of browser use and we were trying to introduce IE but nobody wanted it?
We just issued an update to Windows 3.1 that contained the good old winsock.dll that disabled Netscape, lol (those were the days).
When people complained, we claimed “it’s a problem with their code!”
After their developers figured out what we did (took about 2 weeks), we said we would issue a patch, we dragged that out for another two weeks.
By that time most users had switched to IE and Netscape would never be the same again!

Dang! We were such a ruthless bunch of bashTards!
… ahhh the good ‘ol days!


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