The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

Clowns to the left of me, traitors to the right ….

Remember that movie, “Willard”, he trains an army of rats that eventually turn on him?

They are led by Ben and Socrates: fat, stinky, maladjusted, nasty, illtempered, fickle rats who just can’t be pleased. Well, lately I have been feeling a little Willardy, you see some of the head fat, stinky, maladjusted, nasty, illtempered, fickle rats who just can’t be pleased have been turning on MS just because they have had a few minor problems with Vista. The rats:

BEN – Jim Louderhack (uncerimoniously dismissed editor of PCWorld) took his parting shot;

“So why, nine months after launch, am I so frustrated? The litany of what doesn’t work and what still frustrates me stretches on endlessly.”

SOCRATES – James Shallows (Poorly attried National Correspondent for The Atlantic Monthly) says he is going back to XP;

“…I said that users should wait to buy new computers until the new version of Windows, Vista, was available — and that “of course” they should buy Vista-equipped machines once they could. That was wrong. I apologize.”

My response, in the words of imortal Willard himself;

“You’re trying to take my house. You made a fool of me in front of everybody. You made me hate myself. I thought about it a lot, hating myself. Well right now, at this moment, I LIKE myself.”

To the Microsoft faithful I say, to the forums, man you blogs, “Tear ’em up! muahahahahaha”


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