The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

FSB-Dia Panama!

Sometimes even I don’t fully appreciate the reach that my world-changing, one of a kind, top-rated,
best in class web journal has on people throughout the world!
Sure I know I’m adored in Albania, loved in Lithuania, revered in Russia, cared for in China,
venerated in Vietnam, appreciated in Australia, …. But I didn’t know how I pleasure the good people
of Panama until I got an invitation to attend FSB-Day! They celebrate with street festivals, vacation
days for State workers, dancing in public, they even shut down the Canal! I had no idea!
I didn’t want to make a spectacle of myself so I kept my arrival low key and flew down with Tom
Cruise (he’s working of a movie down here). Tom’s a little weird, but hey, who isn’t?
Fireworks tonight!
If any of you are in the Central Americas area come on down!
Stephanos Anton Ballmerfeld


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