The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

Welcome Weiner!

I thought I could not possiblly have a more intense disdain of politicians, then along came Weiner who taught me to never say never! It probablly has something to do with the fact that my step-niece Billidrea was one of the women he sent a picture of “Mr Wiggly” to. When she told me I threw a chair across my office! (First time I’ve ever done that).

The guy actually called me and asked if I could send a few hundred employees down to the Target parking lot off 27A, he said:

“Mr Ballmer, I’m personally going to fight all of the recent bad press about me, I’m starting my, “You Need A. Weiner!” campaign right here in your fair city at noon, I need your support sir!”

I thought about it for a second and said,
“I’ll be right down, there is something I’d love to give you Mr. Weiner!”

He was giddy and replied, “I’m driving the Weinermobile, you can’t miss it.”
I said, “I assure you I won’t!”

What happened after that is a matter of your interpretation of the police report.
Good to know I still have the old Ballmer left jab!


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