The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!


George Waits!


4 responses

  1. billywarhol

    another of Flickr’s FINEST!!! I had kinda fergotten bout U! I do rememba da Poop U endured at the hands o Flickr’s Nazi PoLICE n Censorship ReTURDZ!!********* Keep Rockin’ in da Free World Steve!! Cheerz + Peace Billy Warhol 😛 😉


    October 3, 2017 at 11:30 pm

  2. billywarhol

    Reblogged this on GIANT LEAP FORWARD and commented:
    Thoughts?? what are thoughts?


    October 3, 2017 at 11:43 pm

  3. GP Cox

    Had to laugh, Steve!!


    October 14, 2017 at 12:00 pm

  4. Curtis

    I do know!? Said Larry. ?I ƅet he lіkes angеls as
    a result of he has them around all of the time. Possibly he and tthe angels play famіly ցames
    like we dߋ sometimes. Possibly they ρlay Monopoly.? This made Mommy snigger
    actually hard.


    October 25, 2017 at 8:46 am

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