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BusinessWeek: “Unlocking Value” at Microsoft

Businessweek has published an excellent article singing the praises of one of our young vibrant product managers, Scott Buchannon, it is an excellent read!
Scott is an MBA in charge of “Unlocking Value” for our customers of the MS Office Suite, Many people have our products but need a little help unlocking and deploying their full value. I quote:
“you can only experience the value of a chocolate chip cookie once you ‘deploy’ it to your mouth or the value in a pair of running shoes once you ‘deploy’ them to your feet”
He also mentions “real-time editing” … all of this dispite the fact that he knows nothing about computers:
“I’m not a very technical guy. On my first day at Microsoft it took me 30 minutes just to find the latch to open my laptop (though I did successfully find the “on” button pretty quickly)”
Great employees like Scott and his team are there to help.
Read the article and get some insight on a typical day for a typical extraordinary MS employee.


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