The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

Zune vs iPhune X – Declutter Your Life!


Sermon notes from Thursday Nite Defrag Service:

“…. and I saw a beast rising out of the land of girl-men; it was glossy and bossy, it held sway o’er the lives of men and didst give them no rest; their faces and souls did it devour! He who has wisdom beware the X-beast, beware it’s enslavement, hide thine face and retain thy soul!”  – Redmond 6:23-24b


The “new” iPhone is on the market and what a market it is! At $999 a pop? Give me a break people!

I personally decided to declutter my life!

Having apps tracking your every move, telling you what to do, dictating to you, a phone that looks at you all day. I mean, who is in control here? Is it you or that thing? Don’t you feel a little bound by all that tech? On the man’s grid every second of the day – a digital slave! THAT is what you are an iSlave! You don’t call the shots anymore!

I personally decided to declutter my life!

Sure you need a digital ASSISTANT not a master! I say, rise up people! Reclaim your lives, your family, your very souls from these iThings! Be a human again, remember how that felt? ……. I thought not.

You need a Zune not a Massa’ that you shuffle and hustle for! Break your digital chains and be free boy!

I personally decided to declutter my life!

— keep your $900 cash and get a Zune on amazon for less than $100



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