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The Death of Common Sense! NEVER TRUST A JURY!

I am so depressed right now.
Because of this stupid case with this stupid homicidal girl who no doubt whatsoever in my mind and 99.999924% of every other person in the world who are old enough to form sentences!
How was it possible to actually find 12 people, so dense, ignorant, gullible, …. To serve on one jury?
I ask this:
If the jury found her not guilty of the act of murder, how can they then find her guilty of lieing about the same murder? Yet they did!
This is simply insane!
Fortunately there is a higher court where the guilty must ultimately pay! Where the judge and jury have not forgotten about the victim, that beautiful, innocent, angelic little trusting child Caylee.
I will leave this “lieing slut’s” (her lawyer’s term for her) up to that court, since we obviously no longer have the mental capacity to do our duty to dispense any iota of justice.

One response

  1. Lori

    A Travisty of Justice…..
    !!!!!!! I am left speechless


    July 5, 2011 at 9:48 pm

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