The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!

I am the I’m a PC Man!


Apple used to ridicule Microsoft with all of those “I’m a Mac – I’m a PC Ads,” but today I can say, “Thank goodness for them!”

Why would I say that? Well, it’s true! I say, “consider the source.”

Being ridiculed by loafer-wearing, fuzzy-haired, artsy-fartsy, hey-look-at-me boys with overgrown egos and a sense of entitlement is not a bad thing! The whole thing back-fired on Apple you see. People started to feel sympathy for the PC-guy. They depicted him as dull and unimaginative; he wasn’t “hip,” he wasn’t “cool or down or stylish.” Well, what they were actually talking about was 92.634% of the population! People just got sick and tired of the snarky “Mac,” he was just a little tooooo perfect! You know? The guy you pretend to like but really hate because he makes you look bad standing next to him.

We had it with the sanctimonious looks and eye rolls!

I’m a PC! I’m a PC now and forever!

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