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The Nature of North Korea


What the state department, congress and public does not seem to understand about North Korea is what they really are. What we fail to comprehend is that North Korea is a nation of MEI’s that is Militant Elvis Impersonators! They cannot be negotiated with unless you speak their jargon. Way back when I went there to rescue Bill-girl I knew this. My greeting to Kim Jong Ill, “You ain’t nun’tin but a hound-dog, cry’n all the time”, he smiled and said, “thank you vury mooch”. I gave him a pair of my blue suede shoes, apologized and he returned Bill-girl (soiled but alive). We went on to become good friends.


My Favorite Bill Gates Photo Contest:


Whoever can tell me the circumstances behind this dramatic photo of Bill Gates will win a lifetime supply of unspecified prizes from the Ballmer Staff!

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Hitler and Adobe – a natural comparison!



The TRUTH Never Gets Old!



“Californians United For Fake Steve Ballmer”
by the Governor of the State of California

jbAs duly elected representative of the great people of the great state of
California, I this day state my disgust with the enemies of FSB! As said
representative I do declare before multiple witnesses my affinity and
common cause with the Los Angeles group CUFFSB! The great people of this
state deplore censorship in all it’s verilant forms and officially recognise the
fake Blogger(s) known as Stephanos Anton Ballmerfeld as a geniune
American treasure and beackon of art, satire, truth, verity, humor, wisdom
and wit!

I am grateful for the hard work and the efforts of everyone else who
courageously supports The Secret Diary of Steve Ballmer.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jerry Brown, Governor of the State of
California, do hereby proclaim FSB a national treasure and honorary Californian.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great
Seal of the State of California to be affixed this day – 2017.

Jerry Brown
Governor of California

Secretary of State