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Oh Joy! – A Better Fake News!


Joy Behar of The View is the greatest comedian ever born or the most ignorant person on television bar none! Her target this week was yours truly. She was handed a blank big blue card and pretended to read an announcement from her network (again):

“…. uh, hmmm, breaking news, ahhh, a special prosecutor investigating the scourge of Fake Bloggers has identified, ahemmm, ahh, the identity of the leader of all fake bloggers and hero of the FRA, umm, arrgh, uh, Flickr Resistance Army! WOW! None other than the guy known internationally as Fake Steve Ballmer! uhhh, ummm, His real name is Leslie Neilsen! Comic made famous by a bunch of “Naked Gun” movies, …. oh my goodness …. sounds x-rated to me! But hooray, the monkey-boy is dead!”

Oh my goodness.

Joy, Leslie Neilsen died back in 2010, he was a good friend and fellow Zunist, I am personally offended. The Leslie Neilsen Connection.

This kind of stuff is a perfect example of why we Fake Bloggers are organising the FSB Network (If you believe them believe me!)

Think about our equation:

A Fake Blogger x Fake News = Truth


One More for the Ladies! (San Franciscans too)

I took a few pictures on Bill’s desk too, this is the first time they have been seen in public.
Drool away ladies, just remember I’m spoken for. Sorry Toki.

Denny Crane!

From what may possibly be one of the best televisions shows ever, Boston Legal!

Just For Laughs – 4 Hours!



Protest Sisters!


I love pretending that I understand what women are talking about.

Groundhog Day For a Black Man

This would be funny if there weren’t so much to it.