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Remembering The Borgnine Affair! 2010

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 1.50.21 AMI would like to once again apologize for when back in 2010 I wrote an article in the Seattle Zune Post entitled, “I was Ernest Borgnine’s Biggest Fan.”

In my award winning piece I went on to talk about how I was president of the Borgniners Club, had an autographed copy of his biography and had seen every movie he’d ever played in 8 times. Problem was I thought Ernest was dead and wished my condolences. Imagine my surprise when he sent me this photo of him reading the article! I was so embarrassed.

Unfortunately Ernest did actually die about two years later. As usual I was a few years ahead of the curve.


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Today I tore-up his Zune-points card.


I’ve NEVER Felt This Way About a Politician!



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Stop just talking about the “good old days” – Sign the petition and help them to come back!

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