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Remembering DFE’17



It’s Good to be King!


Well I was King once, now I’m just your typical billionaire NBA team owner plotting a coup at Microsoft. By the time my plotting is done, they will be begging me to return as CEO.

Help me, sign the petition here.

Together we can Make Microsoft Great Again!

Still can’t Figure out Why FLAIL Didn’t Catch On


The FLAIL interface where you control your computer with your body should have been wildly popular, I guess it was too far ahead of it’s time.

Zune vs iPhune X – Declutter Your Life!


Sermon notes from Thursday Nite Defrag Service:

“…. and I saw a beast rising out of the land of girl-men; it was glossy and bossy, it held sway o’er the lives of men and didst give them no rest; their faces and souls did it devour! He who has wisdom beware the X-beast, beware it’s enslavement, hide thine face and retain thy soul!”  – Redmond 6:23-24b


The “new” iPhone is on the market and what a market it is! At $999 a pop? Give me a break people!

I personally decided to declutter my life!

Having apps tracking your every move, telling you what to do, dictating to you, a phone that looks at you all day. I mean, who is in control here? Is it you or that thing? Don’t you feel a little bound by all that tech? On the man’s grid every second of the day – a digital slave! THAT is what you are an iSlave! You don’t call the shots anymore!

I personally decided to declutter my life!

Sure you need a digital ASSISTANT not a master! I say, rise up people! Reclaim your lives, your family, your very souls from these iThings! Be a human again, remember how that felt? ……. I thought not.

You need a Zune not a Massa’ that you shuffle and hustle for! Break your digital chains and be free boy!

I personally decided to declutter my life!

— keep your $900 cash and get a Zune on amazon for less than $100


Got Kirk Nailed!

Frankenstein Break

First there were the fake Bloggers, now we have CNN ….


I’m relevant again!