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Stop just talking about the “good old days” – Sign the petition and help them to come back!


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The movement is still alive baby!

Welcome to Vista Chapel Church of Windows

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“To those who dwelt in darkness hath the glorious light of the Zune appeared never to be forgotten! The CEO of all comes the second time with greatness: walking upon iphones and destroying androids with the flame from his tongue!” – II Gates 6:8

Today’s Defrag-Service was for some reason sparsely attended, but the light of the Zune shines on! You all must change your pod-using ways before it is too late my brothers and sistahs! Apple’s spreading their dangerous idevices everywhere and I am as dedicated to plucking as many as I can out of their clutches.

You can help too, I must regain my position as CEO at Microsoft:

Make Microsoft Great Again – Sign the petition:


ZunePhone NEARer!

I just wanted to wet your whistles, this thing is gonna make that iPhone look totally primitive! We still have it in developement but per my orders we are hastening our release date to the 1st qtr of 2018!
Hang on we are gonna change the world!