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It’s an old debate which has once again bubbled to the surface of our culture:


In our quest to be generous, inclusive and understanding of the diversities of sentient beings, maybe we have gone too far? Maybe in our zeal to not make others not feel bad, we have allowed ourselves to be duped into accepting things which are counter to our own best interest. I propose ladies and gentlemen that we have made a grave mistake when we have chosen to look away and not seriously look into the question of:


Have we devolved so far culturally and intellectually that we cannot recognize what is standing directly before us? Why do we refuse to accept the fact that there is a such thing as monsters? We even elect them to Congress? Are we insane? The first step is to gather our courage and confront the issue head-on by answering the question:



I think most of you can easily ascertain where I stand on the issue.

Remembering North Korea 11 Years ago


Jr. has taken over the family business of Running North Korea and he is doing a horrible job! I remember back when Kim Jong Ill ran the place I even went there regularly for conferences and vacation. Yes, vacation in North Korea, think about it:

No congested roadways.

Friendly people who are afraid to death of you.

Security detail following you 24/7 absolutely free.

No pesky internet.

Full nights sleep, the whole country powers down at 7:30 pm.

None of that “deciding things” stress here, they decide everything for you. What a relief.

Brisk, refreshing, exhilarating cold showers (from 6-10 am).

The entire country is on a strict weight watchers plan, not chubbies here.

No messing around trying to figure out the darn tv remote, there is only one channel.

Gilligan’s island reruns from 3-6 everyday.

Elvis impersonators are everywhere. The entire country is dedicated to Elvis.

Back to the good old days of Windows 3.1.

Yes North Korea is a CEO’s dream come true, no complaining workers or whistle-blowers, just contentment and conformity everywhere. “Imagine all the people living for today….”

This Was Funny!

Richard Pryor Man!

CNN The Gameshow Format News Remembered


Getting Ready For Christmas Baby!

CNN The Gameshow Format News Remembered