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Remembering The Borgnine Affair! 2010

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 1.50.21 AMI would like to once again apologize for when back in 2010 I wrote an article in the Seattle Zune Post entitled, “I was Ernest Borgnine’s Biggest Fan.”

In my award winning piece I went on to talk about how I was president of the Borgniners Club, had an autographed copy of his biography and had seen every movie he’d ever played in 8 times. Problem was I thought Ernest was dead and wished my condolences. Imagine my surprise when he sent me this photo of him reading the article! I was so embarrassed.

Unfortunately Ernest did actually die about two years later. As usual I was a few years ahead of the curve.


Nowhere Man ep19

The $32,000,000 Man!


Bill O’Reilly had me fooled, I once thought he was a decent guy.

Today I tore-up his Zune-points card.


I’ve NEVER Felt This Way About a Politician!


Talking at TED! Oh yeah! Numbers Baby!

Speaking Candidly to Hellary!

I found myself on one of those CNN talking head shows, sandwiched between Hellary and  John (Pretty-boy cheat on your die’n wife and deny your love child) Edwards, (In other words, I was in HELL!)
John asked me, what do you have against Hellary?
My reply:
“My disdain for you Hellary has nothing to do with you supposedly being a woman!
I love women and would vote for one for president readily. But, I would never vote for anybody just because of gender: think back to you and Bill’s administration, all of the spies, lies, corruption, deaths, smears, immorality, backstabbing, laws broken, drugs, bribes, Chinese spies, payoffs, Character assassinations, assassinations, investigations, using dead people, theft, obfuscation, stealing china, destruction of public property, threats to bimbos, assaults, rape accusations, sex not sex, aspirin factory murders, tyrant coddling, White-watering, Rose law firming, missing files, DNA disappearance, Foster bodies, lies in diaries, lawyers committing suicide, hidden agendas, payoffs, Luewinskiing, coverups, mismanagements, bodies in the parks, bodies in the cell, bodies in the water, bodies on train tracks, nuclear secrets being sold, FBI files stolen, hiring bouncers to rough up people (Craig Livingstone), black-mailings, travel office scandals, stealing Whitehouse furniture, double talk, cult genocides, document shredding, planes crashing, Ron Brown coverups, document suppressions, secret e-mail servers in the basement, uranium sales to Russians, foundation contributions, dead system administrators, dead soldiers in Libya begging for help and being denied, pedophile staffers, pedophile friends, orgy island visits, ignoring genocide in Libya, gun running in Mexico, payments by terrorist, payments by tyrants, Weinstein payments, Chi-com payments, drive-destroyings, fear mongering, evidence tampering, cattle-gating, wall-street payments, same-sex attractions, corrupting military order, ……. (I went on for about five more minutes)…..
all with YOU, Hellary right smack dab in the middle either orchestrating, enabling or covering up!”

Needless to say this was edited out, CNN of course.

Remembering Jobs’ Fall From Grace!

I barely remember when I posted this years ago, still a classic:

How doe’s it feel Steveyboy? This Mobile me software is reviled by the entire industry as “under-performing”, lackluster, bad, weak, incompatible, ….
Sounds familiar to me guy!
But it’s not me, it’s you!
You got sooo used to making your perfect, stylish, amazing, cute little kiddy devices and everything seemed to be a hit!
Everybody said they loved you, you were on all the big magazine covers.
THEN, one little slip and you are an idiot, a clown, a stupid raving dancing Monkey-boy without a plan and enemies closing in on your rotting carcass, and then ….. well never mind!
Welcome to my world iTard! How does it feel?