The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!


Remembering The Vista-Nazi


I loved it when the Vista Nazi would say, “Head down, don’t look at me! ….. No Vista for YOU!”

ahhhh, good times man.


Google’s Computer – LOL


I don’t think Microsoft has anything to worry about.

Community Concert at Vista Chapel Tonight – Consider This Your Personal Invitation


We are having our annual charity concert tonight and invite one and all to attend. A snack will be served afterwards. In order to avoid some of the problems we experienced last year there will be an iPhone collection bin installed at the main entrance. We do not allow those offensive “devices” in the main sanctuary. Throwing it in the collect bin will avoid any “struggles” with security personnel once you are inside. We believe in peace, harmony and conformity here at Vista Chapel Church of Windows. iPhone wielding troublemakers will be dealt with appropriately.


The duct at the bottom of the collection bin goes to the furnace, so your “device” cannot be returned, it shall instead contribute to the warmth and comfort of your fellow man. There shall also be a free $65 credit per deposit of said devices.



Final Televised Interview in Israel – I had to tell them the Truth!


The Book of Windows is Complete!

bookofwindows1Wonderful news my friends! The Book of Windows is complete!
We do not have an exact ship date but as with all things I await inspiration from on high for instructions.
“Rejoice all you peoples, Vistas are ahead and he who rides the light comes from Redmond bearing gifts for all who are willing to reformat their hearts!” -II Ballmer 4:2


#55 – Attacking Googloids


Apple Voted Most Consumer Unfriendly

It did not suprise me at all that Apple’s stock is taking a huge hit!
The public is starting to see through his shananagans (thanks in large measure to this website). For the uninitiated here are just a few:

1. Droping the iPhone price by $200!
The public demands stable pricing of our products, large price increases are forgivable but drastic cuts only makes everyone feel like fools! 

2. Running NBC away!
Consumers want value to their products, NBC wanted to add value by increasing the cost of shows, Apple screwed you by not making your favorite shows more valuable.

3. A myriad of iPod Options!
(see previous post)

…. You get the idea.
Apple is unfair to both retailers and consumers. They insist that your products be cheap! I know most of you are as insulted by this as we at MS are.

Boycott APPLE! Vote for value with your wallets!