The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!


Furniture + Computers = Furniputure

We are getting ready to take the next big step in the evolution of computers!
We here at Microsoft have realized for years that computers should be imbeded in homes, but how? Our solution, to make computers
furinture or furniture computers. WOW! you say.
Our amazing demo at D: was just the beginning! We will eventually build software into everything: beds, dressers, bars, chairs, urinals,
toasters, welcome mats, …. the possibilities are endless. Forget that crapware by Apple, Lie-nux, Son, … we are the real deal, take my word for
it, trust me, you are best off sticking with us. So don’t screw up by switching.


The iPhone Stomp!



Ballmer! The Movie!

Ballmer! The Movie!

Good Time Travel Movie!

El Neggro

Never Been to Spain

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