The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!


Is Apple’s iOS fragmenting? Not nearly as much as Google’s Android

Not true, only Windows 8 is the real OS!


Touched By An Angel

We Can be Heroes – I am – Loved Bowie!

I was actually on stage playing keyboards. Look carefully.

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Why I Hate Elon Musk? You would too if he burned down your house!

Elon Musk, everywhere Elon this, Elon that!

elon-musk-houseLet me tell you the truth . …. Elon is a very dangerous man! A fanatic who is going to get a lot of people killed in the vacuum of space, on a dead planet, crashed into the ocean or cremated in a huge fireball in the middle of the desert…… that is who Elon Musk is! For me he put this huge battery in the wall of my south den and claimed it would make me “energy independent” – I was a fool! The darn thing exploded, electrocuted two Mexican gardners and a rotweiler ….. the flames moved through the property so fast that the whole mansion was leveled within 30 min. My insurance would not cover anything because they determined that I was usingĀ  “experimental technologies in the house” – I have to rebuild with cash from one of my accounts in the Caribbean.

Forgive me if I have to throw-up when you mention your precious Elon!

Steve Martin GIF-Day Baby – I look Forward to This!

See how much better you feel when this is over:

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Why I Gave up Golf


It’s a long story, but I will tell you that my giving up golf had nothing to do with the game itself. I loved the screaming at caddies, throwing putters, cheating on scores, the cool spikey shoes, ….. the game was great and I mastered it. The problem was that when it came to golf I always seemed to attract the wrong kind of partners!

The stories I could tell you about what went on at that course would make a sailor go down on his knees! Let’s just say the very last time I golfed was with Bill and Matt, all they wanted to do was paaaaartay! Whenever I used any golf terminology with them they would laugh so hard. If I said “hole in one,” they’d giggle. If I said “putter” or “ball” or “driver” or “in the ruff” or “bunker” or “doubles” or “links” or “tap” or “spoon, stroke, sweet spot, play through, swing, pinch, club, lay, drop, … ” …. they would turn it into something vulgar.

So I just gave up golf, it reached the point where I couldn’t even look at my “equipment” anymore without blushing, it’s one x-rated filthy sport.

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