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Who Am I?

I have been told that speculation as to my identity is building! Some of those who have been asked, “Are you Fake Steve Ballmer?”


The Other Fake Steve and Others Discuss ME!


A Little Help From My Friends!



I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!


Let’s just get that straight from the very beginning here!
I have decided to get into this blogging thing with the rest of you people so I can straighten out some of the FUD out there about me. My image has been tarnished as of late by certain ner-do-wells an haters.
In the next few months I will set all of this crap straight, especially the Google and Apple crap!
You people should check in with me every few days to see what my thoughts are, you will learn a few things.


Welcome Weiner!

I thought I could not possiblly have a more intense disdain of politicians, then along came Weiner who taught me to never say never! It probablly has something to do with the fact that my step-niece Billidrea was one of the women he sent a picture of “Mr Wiggly” to. When she told me I threw a chair across my office! (First time I’ve ever done that).

The guy actually called me and asked if I could send a few hundred employees down to the Target parking lot off 27A, he said:

“Mr Ballmer, I’m personally going to fight all of the recent bad press about me, I’m starting my, “You Need A. Weiner!” campaign right here in your fair city at noon, I need your support sir!”

I thought about it for a second and said,
“I’ll be right down, there is something I’d love to give you Mr. Weiner!”

He was giddy and replied, “I’m driving the Weinermobile, you can’t miss it.”
I said, “I assure you I won’t!”

What happened after that is a matter of your interpretation of the police report.
Good to know I still have the old Ballmer left jab!

The Other Fake Steve and Others Discuss ME!