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1 ZuneNation Poster

The movement is still alive baby!


Nowhere Man Ep14

Don’t Miss the Oz Ball (Masquerade Party) FSB Galla Next Week!


Print your ticket, get in free. Comment for information.

Denny Crane!

Got Kirk Nailed!

Still can’t Figure out Why FLAIL Didn’t Catch On


The FLAIL interface where you control your computer with your body should have been wildly popular, I guess it was too far ahead of it’s time.

1:11 am in South-West Cincinnati


Well, here I go again! My team lost a game at the Cincinnati arena here (and we were only doing an exhibition against the Bearcats!), everybody else goes home but I can’t sleep so I start walking about talking to myself, “…. how could we lose to a college team? Think Ballmer, think, think! I paid 2 billion for this? Geez louise! What am I gonna do?”

It’s not a good idea to walk around in a town you’ve never been to, lost in thought, not paying attention to how far and where you’ve gone. Then I snapped out of it and realized I didn’t know where I was! Then I saw a sign, “Finlays Market”. My Zunephone was no help since it was “out of service area.”

“I’m pretty street-wise, I can handle myself, I’m not scadd, I got this …” I kept saying to myself.

“Who are these guys in trench-coats walking up and down the street? Must be coppers! Did I just say ‘coppers’? I must be really tired. I’m forgetting something, what is it? What is it? oh! oh yeah, how could I forget that?”

I then screamed at the top of my lungs, “I’m ready to go back to the Hotel now!

My limo screeches up to me, the trench-coat  guys open the door for me, serve me my latte-mocha-chino and escort me to the hotel, even tuck me in. Then they vanish!

It’s good to be a multi-billionaire with full-time security keeping tabs on you almost invisibly in the background, most times I forget they are even doing it.

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