The Original Fake Steve Ballmer – Exiled by Blogger!


Plot-11 – Clones and India is Key!


The facilities in India are working out much better than I thought. The first four clones are up and running (with a few minor glitches) and we are ahead of schedule. Plot-11 Microsoft the Return online!


Book of Windows Illustration

Yet another illustration from the ever expanding “Book Of Windows”. The staff working on this inspired book captures the aura and majesty of the Zunification experience with such zest and power! “…and all men became as one! One platform, One OS, One CEO whom they all looked to for more light!” – Win 7:2 I tell you all now, Seven Comes!


Nowhere Man Ep6

Steve Martin GIF-Day Again!

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I’m too busy to watch a whole Steve Martin movie to cheer me up, so I concentrate them and run my gif collection. It works, try six.

New Jersey Protest!

One of my people in New Jersey sent this. He said spontaneous protest have broken out in several neighborhoods! Seems I am really hot stuff in East Orange! The Secret Diary of Steve Ballmer –


GMail Man!

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