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Hope Arises!

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Nowhere Man ep23

The Blogging CEO! – NBC Reports!

I was watching the evening news, well not watching, I just had it on for background noise. When I heard the newsbabe say,
“CEO’s Blogging, – Experts Say it’s good for business!”
They went on to talk about CEO’s blogging and it’s effect of making the company seem more accessible to the masses.
I respectfully must disagree with that assertion.
When I bounced the idea of writing an “official” Blog, HR, Bill, the board of directors. legal, …. all wanted, insisted on editing, proofing, sterilizing it!
After just one post I could barely recognize my own writing!
The Answer:
Well you are reading it: A Fake Blog!
I can write whatever I really think here and nobody at MS even believes it is me pretending to be me pretending to not be me pretending to be me not being me!

Zune-Struck The Musical

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I am seriously considering taking the leading roll in an off-Broadway production of Zune-Struck the Musical. Based on a 2010 memo that I wrote about the Zune’s apparent poor reception by the public and the epic struggle of a CEO and ad executive to get it on top. One reviewer wrote:

“Zune-Struck is a pure joy to watch! I swayed to the ballads and grooved to the up-beat acid rock numbers. Zune-Struck is hard to categorize, while biting and edgey at times, it also moves one to tears towards the end! You will also laugh until you wet your seat at the character Ballamdo. This film is woth every penny of it’s $1.73 admission. A bit long at 4.5 hrs though, but you will never notice until you check your watch outside. I give this one **** Four stars.” 

-Leonard Martin




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